Gen-Y and The Difference in Value Systems

Gen-Y and The Difference in Value Systems

 Pearson TalentLens gathered data and analysed results of a value-based personality assessment, SOSIE. SOSIE is a unique workplace assessment that goes beyond personality to measure values and interpersonal values of an individual. Pearson TalentLens chose to analyse data available for an organization in the IT/ITeS sector that used SOSIE as a tool to promote employees across levels. Choosing data from one organization ensures that the data is comparable as culture, structure and policies remain constant. A value-based personality assessment like SOSIE helps us understand the difference in the value system between generations.

Pearson TalentLens selected 200 data points from Gen-Y and generations above (baby boomers and Gen-X), respectively. The results of the analysis are presented below:

Recognition – Individuals with high scores on recognition are likely to place importance on the praise and admiration of others. They may value being noticed and having esteem and status offered to them by others.

Materialism – Individuals with high scores on materialism are likely to place a high value on material possessions and may prefer doing things that are practical, immediately useful, and economically advantageous.

Variety – Individuals with high scores on variety are likely to value the opportunity for new experiences and to be confronted with new, different, and even risky situations. They are likely to be motivated by work that is not going to become routine and predictable.

It was clear from the above exercise that Gen-Y differs from the generations before them in a few aspects. Find out what these are here

By Shashir Shetty

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