3 generational differences you should remember while engaging Gen-Y

3 generational differences you should remember while engaging Gen-Y

Gen-Y differs from the previous generations in:

1. Relative Recognition – This is a generation that has thrived on competition and peer pressure, growing up. Gen-Ys were raised in a bubble of constant praise and recognition from their families, peers, teachers etc and so this kind of constant reinforcement and recognition is something they expect at the workplace as well.

2. Variety – Gen-Ys, more than any previous college graduates, are graduating college with a dynamic mix of academic and short work experiences that have them positioned to contribute at the workplace from day one. They are not interested in “grunt” jobs, or jobs in which they have to “pay their dues” – they seek challenging work right from the beginning of their careers in any organization.

3. Materialism – This is also a generation that has grown up around terrorist attacks, wars, shorter economic cycles of growth and slowdown and uncertain macroeconomic conditions. A lot of psychologists believe these experiences have shaped this generation’s mindset towards having a short term career perspective. This is a generation that demands instant gratification.

Final thoughts: Just as the nature of work changes with time, so must the way we perform the work — and Gen-Y workers are some of the most independent-minded and tech-savvy workers employers have seen. Organizations need to change the way they do business and the way they manage, recognize, and reward employees (including the mix of benefits and perks offered). This is essential not only to their success in recruiting and retaining Gen-Y workers, but to the organization’s future success as well.


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By Shashir Shetty

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